PET Thermal Lamination Pouch Film For Photo Laminating

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PET thermal laminating pouch film is a kind of sheet film used for document, certificate, card and other paper materials laminating. It provides moisture proof, protection and longevity to the printings. After laminating, it don’t need to be cut.

EKO has a broad product portfolio by catering to a wide range of industry needs, including BOPP thermal lamination film, PET thermal lamination film, super sticky thermal lamination film, anti-scratch thermal lamination film, digital hot sleeking film, etc..

  • Material: PET
  • Surface: Glossy
  • Film shape: Pouch film
  • Thickness: 52-250mic
  • Size: A3, A4, A5, B3, B4, etc.
  • Equipment requirements: Heat laminator
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    Laminating pouch film is a plastic film used in the process of laminating documents. It consists of two layers of plastic film that are connected together to protect the document. Soft pouch films are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, such as glossy or matte. It is often used to preserve and enhance the durability of important documents such as ID cards, photos, certificates and business cards. Laminating pouch film can be used with a laminating machine to securely seal and protect documents.

    EKO is a company engaged in the R &D, production and sales of thermal lamination film for over 20 years in Foshan since 1999, which is one of the thermal lamination film industry standard setter. EKO’s experienced R&D and technical teams are dedicated to enhancing products, optimizing performance and innovating new solutions. It enables EKO to provide innovative and high-quality products to meet different customer needs. Also we have patent for invention and patent for utility models.



    Laminated pouch film adds a layer of protection to documents, making them more resistant to wear, moisture, and fading. It helps maintain the quality and longevity of your documents.

    Enhanced appearance

    The glossy surface of the laminating pouch film can make colors appear more vivid and text clearer, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of documents. It gives laminate a professional and polished look.

    Easy to clean

    The surface can be easily wiped clean for easy maintenance and removal of any surface dirt or stains that may accumulate over time.

    Prevents Damage

    Thermal lamination pouch film prevents documents from tearing, wrinkling or creasing. It acts as a barrier against fingerprints, spills, and other physical damage.


    PET laminating pouch film can be used on a variety of documents, including photos, certificates, signs, menus, and more. It is suitable for personal and professional use.


    Product Name PET Thermal Lamination Pouch Film
    Material PET+EVA
    Thickness 52-350mic
    Size Customized
    Color Transparent
    Regular used for Size
    A3 307*430mm/303*426mm
    B4 267*374mm/263*370mm
    A4 220*307mm/216*303mm
    B5 192*267mm/188*263mm
    A5 158*220mm/154*216mm
    B6 138*192mm/134*188mm
    Post card 109*154mm/111*154mm
    Photo 95*262mm
    Price card 68*99mm/70*100mm
    Pass card 65*95mm
    name card 60*95mm
    regular card 60*90mm
    ID card 57*82mm/55*85mm

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