BOPP Soft Touch Thermal Lamination Matt film For Printing Laminating

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The soft-touch thermal lamination is designed to enhance the tactile experience of printed materials, providing a velvet-like texture for a luxurious and comfortable feel.

EKO is a professional pre-coated film manufacturing vendor in China. We were founded in 2007, but we started to research thermal lamination film in 1999. As one of the earliest BOPP thermal lamination film manufacturers and investigators, we participated in setting pre-coating film industry standard in 2008.

  • Material: BOPP
  • Surface: Matt and velvety
  • Product shape: Roll Film
  • Thickness: 30micron
  • Width: 200~1700mm
  • Length: 1000~4000meters
  • Paper core: 1”(25.4mm), 3”(76.2mm)
  • Equipment requirements: Heat laminating machine
  • Product Detail

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    Product Description

    The Soft touch wet lamination film is a matt film that the surface has special feeling of smooth velvet.

    This film is particularly useful for luxury ackages.

    Product Detail


    1. Soft, velvety texture
    The film provides a suede or velvet-like feel. Smooth and pleasant to the touch, it adds a high-end luxury feel to the laminate.

    2. Enhanced Visual Appearance
    Soft-touch thermal laminations add a refined, elegant look to printed materials. It creates a matte finish that reduces glare and reflections for a more professional, premium look.

    3. Improved Durability
    A soft-touch film provides an extra layer of protection, making the laminate more resistant to scratches, scuffs and abrasions. It helps to increase the lifespan of printed materials.

    4. Resistant to Marks and Fingerprints
    The soft-touch thermal laminate has the advantage of being resistant to marks and fingerprints. This feature helps maintain the clean and pristine appearance of the laminate, even with frequent handling.


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    Storage Indication

    Please keep the films indoor with cool and dry environment. Avoid high temp, moist, fire and direct sunlight.

    It's best used within 1 year.

    储存 950


    There are 3 types of packaging for your choice

    包装 950
    包装4 750

    Company Profile

    EKO is a professional thermal lamination films manufacturer in China, our products are exported to over 60 countries. We have been innovating for over 20 years, and own 21 patents. As one of the earliest BOPP thermal lamination film manufacturers and investigators, we participated in setting pre-coating film industry standard in 2008. EKO prioritizes quality and innovation, always putting customer needs at the forefront.


    Food plastic wrap/Cling film/food preservation film

    Q & A

    Is Soft touch film a kind of matte film?

    The soft touch film on the market is generally matte film, we will be develop and launched soft touch gloss film in the future.

    Where can soft touch film be applied?

    The surface of the soft touch film has a strong suede feeling, presenting a soft touch feeling like goose feather. Therefore, more customers will use it for high-grade printed matter, applicable to the outer packaging of luxury goods, to give customers a high-end intuitive touch feeling.

    What are the characteristics of soft touch film?

    The mattness of the soft touch film is better, the tactility of the surface is stronger, and the tactile treatment of the surface is also more conducive to the subsequent processes such as sleeking , UV, etc.

    Can soft touch film be used on digital printed matters?

    If normal soft touch film is used on the printed matters with very heavy ink, it is easy to have quality problems such as blistering. If it is a digital printing model containing silicone oil, it is recommended to choose the digital soft touch thermal lamination film of EKO’s new product. Digital soft touch thermal lamination film can not only solve the problem of insufficient viscosity, but also increase the surface effect of printed matters.

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