BOPP Anti-scratch Matt Thermal Lamination Film

Short Description:

  • Material: BOPP
  • Items: BOPP Anti-scratch Matt
  • Type: Thermal lamination film
  • Product shape: Roll Film
  • Thickness: 28~30micron
  • Width: 200~1700mm
  • Length: 200~4000meters
  • Paper core: 1”(25.4mm), 3”(76mm)
  • Equipment requirements: Hot Laminator
  • Product Detail

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    This thermal film is anti scratch on the surface which can protect the prints well and extend the prints usage time.

    This film is particularly useful for luxury packages, outside coating for wrapping box for food, liquor, etc.

    Wet Laminator


    1. Scratch resistance
    Anti-scratch film is coated with a special layer that provides a high level of scratch resistance. It helps protect the laminated surface from everyday wear and tear, ensuring that the printed materials remain intact and presentable for a longer period.

    2. Durability
    The anti-scratch coating on the film enhances the durability of the laminated items, making them more resistant to scratches, scuffs, or damage caused by friction or rough handling.


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    After sales service

    1. Please let us know if there's any problems after receiving, we will pass them to our professional technical support and will try to help you to solve.

    2.If the problems are still unresolved, you can send us some samples(the film, your products which have problems with using the film). Our professional technical inspector will check and find the problems.

    Storage Indication

    Please keep the films indoor with cool and dry environment. Avoid high temp, moist, fire and direct sunlight.

    It's best used within 1 year.

    储存 950


    There are 3 types of packaging for your choice

    包装 950
    包装4 750

    Food plastic wrap/Cling film/food preservation film

    Q & A

    Why there is no obvious difference between anti-scratch film and normal matte film surface?

    The anti-scratch film is made of BOPP matte film, which is treated with a surface anti-scratch coating. The coating is transparent, so there is no obvious difference in surface observation.

    Why to choose anti-scratch thermal lamination film?

    In the process of transportation, the coated high-grade printing materials may be easily scratched due to mutual friction, which will greatly reduce the effect of the final product. Therefore, the anti-scratch film can better solve the problem that the matte film is easy to scratch.

    Does the anti-scratch film mean that it will not scratch when scratched with a knife?

    Of course not. Although the abrasion resistance of the anti-scratch film is high, it can only be caused by the friction between printed materials. The scratch resistance hardness of the anti-scratch thermal lamination film cannot reach the effect of no scratch when the knife is sharp.

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