PET Golden and Silver Metalized Thermal Lamination Film

Short Description:

  • Material: PET
  • Items: PET Gold & PET Silver
  • Type: Thermal lamination film
  • Product shape: Roll Film
  • Thickness: 20~24micron
  • Width: 200~1700mm
  • Length: 1000~4000meters
  • Paper core: 3”(76mm)
  • Equipment requirements: Hot Laminator
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    Product Description

    Metalized thermal film is a special laminating film ,which uses special technology to plating a thin layer aluminum on the surface of plastic film, and the other side is coated with adhesive glue.

    Due to its metalized and plastic characteristics, it has the same effect as the aluminum paper when it laminates on papers. This packaging material is high quality, practicability and capability with reasonable price.

    It is widely used for food, medicine, chemical packages; also it can laminate on new type building materials, such as iron, etc.



    1. Metallic Appearance
    The film is coated with a layer of metallic material (usually aluminum) to give the laminated surface a shiny and reflective appearance. This metallic effect can enhance the visual appeal of printed materials and make them stand out.

    2. Eco-Friendly
    The metal layer of metalized thermal lamination film consists of a thinner layer of aluminum, reducing environmental impact.

    3. Excellent perpormance
    Uniform color, bright, shiny. With good stiffness and excellent printing performance.

    Our services

    1. Free samples are provided if you need.

    2. Quick reply.

    3. ODM & OEM services to meet different requirements.

    4. With excellent pre-sales & after-sales service.

    After sales service

    1. Please let us know if there's any problems after receiving, we will pass them to our professional technical support and will try to help you to solve.

    2. If the problems are still unresolved, you can send us some samples(the film, your products which have problems with using the film). Our professional technical inspector will check and find the problems.

    Storage Indication

    Please keep the films indoor with cool and dry environment. Avoid high temp, moist, fire and direct sunlight.

    It's best used within 1 year.

    储存 950


    There are 3 types of packaging for your choice

    包装 950
    包装4 750

    Company Profile

    EKO is a professional thermal lamination films manufacturer in China, our products are exported to over 60 countries. We have been innovating for over 20 years, and own 21 patents. As one of the earliest BOPP thermal lamination film manufacturers and investigators, we participated in setting pre-coating film industry standard in 2008. EKO prioritizes quality and innovation, always putting customer needs at the forefront.


    Food plastic wrap/Cling film/food preservation film

    Q & A

    What are the materials of metalized Lamination film?

    The metalized lamination film on the market has PET and BOPP material, but because BOPP as the substrate production of metalized Lamination film is difficult to ensure the effect of the processing process, so EKO’s production are PET metalized Lamination film.

    If metalized lamination film needs post-processing printing, do I need to do special treatment?

    Varnish treatment is recommended. If the metalized lamination film without varnish treatment is processed after processing, it is easy to cause that the printing font effect cannot be maintained for a long time, and the font is easy to peel off from the metalized lamination film.

    How to do varnish treatment?

    Varnish refers to coating a layer of transparent chemicals on the film surface, which can be carried out during film production. At present, some new printing machines can also be integrated before printing fonts.

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