PET Silver Metalized Thermal Lamination Film For Jewel Case

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PET metalized Thermal Lamination Film is a film commonly used to add a metallic look and protective layer to printed materials. It has an aluminum layer on the surface, and has both metalized and plastic characteristics.

EKO is an experienced thermal lamination film manufacturer based in China with a long history of innovation spanning over 20 years. We attach great importance to quality and innovation, always prioritizing customer needs.

  • Material: PET+EVA
  • Color: Silver
  • Film shape: Roll
  • Width: 300-1500mm
  • Length: 200-4000m
  • Paper core: 1”(25.4mm), 3”(76.2mm)
  • Equipment requirements: Heat laminator
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    1. Barrier performance

    PET aluminized pre-coated film has good oxygen, water vapor and light barrier properties, and can effectively protect the products inside the package.

    2. Fresh-keeping performance

    Because PET metalized thermal lamination film can effectively isolate the intrusion of outside air and light, it helps extend the shelf-life of the products in the package.

    3. High temperature resistance

    PET aluminized pre-coated film can usually withstand heat sealing operations within a certain temperature range and is suitable for applications requiring heat sealing such as food packaging.

    Product Description

    PET metallized thermal laminate films are commonly used for packaging, labels, book covers and other printed materials that require a metallic or reflective finish. Not only does it provide visual appeal, it also protects against moisture, tearing and fading, making laminate more durable and long-lasting.

    EKO is China’s leading pre-coated film manufacturer, and our products are exported to more than 60 countries. After more than 20 years of innovation, we have obtained 21 patents. As one of the pioneer manufacturers and researchers of BOPP pre-coated films, we played a key role in setting the industry standard for pre-coated films in 2008.


    Product name PET metalized thermal lamination glossy film
    Color Silver
    Thickness 22mic
    12mic base film+10mic eva
    Width 300mm~1500mm
    Length 200m~4000m
    Diameter of paper core 1 inch(25.4mm) or 3 inch(76.2mm)
    Transparency Opaque
    Packaging Bubble wrap, top and bottom box, carton box
    Application Gift box, jewel case, shoe box...paper printings
    Laminating temp. 110℃~120℃

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