Digital Anti-Scratch thermal lamination film-much stickier than the normal one

As the name suggests, anti-scratch thermal lamination film is a kind of thermal lamination film with an excellent scratch resistance. It's transparent and matt, widely used in luxury and cosmetic packaging.

The normal anti-scratch pre-coating film is suitable for the printings of the normal offset printer. But for the digital printings which also need anti-scratch function, it’s suggested to use the digital super sticky anti-scratch thermal lamination film

The higher content of silicone oil and wax in digital printing often results in low adhesion and difficulty in laminating with normal thermal lamination film, the digital super sticky heat laminating film can solve this problem well. It’s super strong adhesion makes it better bonding to the digital printings. 

anti-scratch thermal lamination film

Digital super sticky anti-scratch thermal lamination film combines the advantages of digital thermal laminating film and anti-scratch thermal laminating film-super strong adhesion and scratch proof. The pressworks of the digital printers like Fuji Xerox DC1257, DC2060, DC6060, IGEN3, HP Indigo series, Canon brand can use it.

anti-scratch thermal lamination film-1

Post time: Nov-10-2023