BOPP Thermal Lamination Glossy Film For Paper Printing

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BOPP thermal lamination glossy film is a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film used for thermal lamination. It has a smooth surface and is designed for use in the lamination process to enhance the appearance and durability of printed materials.

EKO starts to research thermal lamination film from 1999, which is the earliest manufacturer and investigator in China. Since then we have been keeping on developing and optimizing thermal lamination film in the last 10 years.

  • Material: BOPP
  • Surface: Glossy
  • Product shape: Roll Film
  • Thickness: 17micron~26micron
  • Width: 200~2210mm
  • Length: 200~4000meters
  • Paper core: 1”(25.4mm), 3”(76.2mm)
  • Equipment requirements: Dry Laminator with Heating Function
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    This type of film is commonly used in the printing and packaging industries to provide gloss to printed materials such as book covers, brochures, posters and packaging materials. The thermal lamination process involves applying heat and pressure to bond the film to the printed material, creating a smooth, glossy surface that enhances the visual appeal of the product.

    BOPP thermal laminate glossy film has excellent transparency, high gloss and good dimensional stability, making it a popular choice for enhancing the visual impact of printed materials while also providing protection against moisture, abrasion and other environmental factors.

    EKO is a professional thermal lamination films manufacturer in China, and has been innovating for over 20 years. Our major products are BOPP thermal lamination film, PET thermal lamination film, digital thermal lamination film, low temperature thermal lamination film, digital hot sleeking, etc., which are exported to over 60 countries.


    1. Increasing the longevity of the prints

    After laminating, the film will protect the prints from moisture, dust, oil and etc. so that they can keep longer.

    2. Easy to operate
    Due to the pre coating technology, you just need to prepare a heat laminating machine(like EKO 350/EKO 360) for lamination.

    3. Excellent performance
    No bubbles, no wrinkles after laminating. It's suitable for spot UV, hot stamping, embossing process and etc.

    4. Customized size
    Comes with different sizes to cater to your printed material.



    Product name BOPP thermal lamination glossy film
    Thickness 17mic 20mic 23mic 26mic
    12mic base film
    +5mic eva
    12mic base film
    +8mic eva
    15mic base film
    +8mic eva
    15mic base film
    +11mic eva
    Width 200mm~2210mm
    Length 200m~4000m
    Diameter of paper core 1 inch(25.4mm) or 3 inch(76.2mm)
    Transparency Transparent
    Packaging Bubble wrap, top and bottom box, carton box
    Application Magazine, book, wine box, shoe box, paper bag...paper materials
    Laminating temp. 110℃~120℃


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