Digital Super Sticky Thermal Lamination Glossy Film For Digital Printings

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Super sticky thermal lamination film is one of the BOPP thermal lamination film especially used in digital presswork. It provides an extra strong bonding for the digital printings which are with heavy ink and silicone oil.

EKO is a company engaged in the R &D, production and sales of thermal lamination film for over 20 years in Foshan since 1999, which is one of the thermal lamination film industry standard setter.

  • Material: BOPP
  • Sur: Glossy
  • Product shape: Roll Film
  • Thickness: 17micron~23micron
  • Width: 200~2210mm
  • Length: 1000~4000meters
  • Paper core: 1”(25.4mm), 3”(76.2mm)
  • Equipment requirements: Dry Laminator with Heating Function
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    Digital thermal lamination glossy film is a kind of heat laminating film that is designed for digital printings. It provides a glossy finish to printed materials while ensuring a strong and durable bond. It's suitable for the digital printers like Fuji Xerox DC1257, DC2060, DC6060, IGEN3, HP Indigo series, Canon brand and so on.

    EKO is a professional thermal lamination film manufacturing vendor for over 20 years since 1999. EKO has a broad product portfolio by catering to a wide range of industry needs, including BOPP thermal lamination film, PET thermal lamination film, super sticky thermal lamination film, anti-scratch thermal lamination film, digital hot sleeking film, etc..


    1. Exceptional adhesion
    Due to it's strong bonding, super sticky thermal lamination film is especially suitable for the materials with thick ink and silicone oil.

    2. Versatile compatibility
    Super sticky thermal lamination film is compatible with various materials, including heavy stock paper, textured surfaces, and even certain types of fabrics.

    3. Easy operation
    Super sticky thermal lamination film is typically used like regular thermal lamination film, making it a convenient option for laminating processes.


    Product name Digital super sticky thermal lamination glossy film
    Thickness 20mic
    12mic base film+8mic eva
    Width 200mm~2210mm
    Length 200m~4000m
    Diameter of paper core 1 inch(25.4mm) or 3 inch(76.2mm)
    Transparency Transparent
    Packaging Bubble wrap, top and bottom box, carton box
    Application Ordinary printings and digital printings
    Laminating temp. 110℃~125℃


    What's the difference between oedinary thermal lamination film and digital thermal lamination film?

    Compare with the ordinary thermal lamination film, super sticky thermal lamination film has a more aggressive adhesive backing. This allows it to form a stronger bond between the film and the laminated materials, providing better adhesion and durability.

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