Digital Hot Sleeking Foil Blue Sea Wave Foil For Box

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Digital hot sleeking foil is mainly used on the paper surface which is with digital toner, by heating and press, it can be transferred to the places that have toner.

EKO is a professional thermal lamination film manufacturing vendor in China, our products are exported to over 60 countries. As one of the earliest BOPP thermal lamination film manufacturers and investigators, we participated in setting pre-coating film industry standard in 2008.

  • Material: PET
  • Color: Blue sea wave
  • Film shape: Roll or sheet
  • Size for sheet: 297mm*190mm
  • Width of roll: 310mm~1800mm
  • Length of roll: 200m~6000m
  • Paper core for roll shape: 1 inch, 3 inch
  • Equipment requirements: Heat Laminator with rewinding function
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    The sleeking foil is used to transfer the effect to the digital toner on the paper surface. After hot sleeking, it can make the printings have different designs. The foil can be in local coverage or full coverage. There are roll shape and sheet for your choice. For the roll shape, you can choose 1 inch core or 3 inch core.

    EKO is a company engaged in the R &D, production and sales of thermal lamination film for over 20 years in Foshan since 1999, which is one of the thermal lamination film industry standard setter. We provide a variety of products to meet the needs of various industries such as BOPP thermal lamination film, PET thermal lamination film, super sticky thermal lamination film, anti-scratch thermal lamination film, digital hot sleeking film, etc.


    Product name Digital hot sleeking foil blue foil
    Color Blue
    Thickness 15mic
    Film shape Roll or sheet
    Width for roll 310mm~1800mm
    Length for roll 200m~1000m
    Diameter of paper core 1 inch(25.4mm) or 3 inch(76.2mm)
    Size of sheet 297mm*190mm
    Transparency Opaque
    Packaging Bubble wrap, top and bottom box, carton box
    Application Postcard, book cover, perfume toner printings
    Laminating temp. 110℃~120℃


    1. Personal designs with easy operation

    Applying digital hot sleeking foil is a relatively easy and quick process.  It involves using a thermal laminating machine that applies heat and pressure to transfer the film onto the printed surface.  The foil adheres to the areas that have been coated with compatible toners.

    2. Optical effects on the digital toner printings

    After laminating by heating and press, the toner printings will show the optical effects same as the foil.

    3. Environmentally friendly

    Due to its reusable nature, it reduces waste and has less impact on the environment. Additionally, many transfer film materials are recyclable, further increasing their environmental friendliness

    Finished showing

    blue wave hot stamping foil

    Digital hot sleeking foil Q&A

    What's the difference between PET metallized thermal lamination film and digital hot sleeking foil?

    PET metallized thermal lamination film is the heat laminating film, it's pre-coated with EVA glue and can be bonded to the materials by hot laminating. It has a protective function, has good oxygen resistance and moisture resistance, and is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics and other fields.
    Digital hot sleeking foil is a kind of hot transfer film, it's without EVA pre-coated. The film can be transfered to the materials which are with digital toner by heating. And it can be local coverage or full coverage. It's widely used for decoration or adding special effects, such as invitation cards, post cards, gift packagings.

    How many patterns do Eko have for digital hot sleeking film?

    There are lots of patterns for your choices
    For chromatic series, we have gold, silver, gold matt, gold color for spot UV, hologram dazzle silver, red, blue, green, pink, magenta, purple, coppery, red sea wave, yellow sea wave, blue sea wave, green sea wave, white ink.
    For 3D series, we have water cube, lens, hexagon, magic mirror, wany glass, rosy clouds.
    For UV series, we have UV glossy, super UV glossy, transparent matt.

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