BOPP Thermal Lamination Glossy Film For Food Preservation Card

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This heat laminating film is specially for the food preservation card, it can assist the card keep food or medicine fresh. It’s surface is glossy.

EKO is a company engaged in the R &D, production and sales of thermal lamination film for over 20 years in Foshan since 1999, which is one of the thermal lamination film industry standard setter.

  • Material: BOPP
  • Surface: Glossy
  • Product shape: Roll film
  • Thickness: 17micron
  • Width: 200~1890mm
  • Length: 200~4000meters
  • Paper core: 1”(25.4mm), 3”(76.2mm)
  • Equipment requirements: Laminator with heating function
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    Product Description

    This BOPP thermal laminating film is specially designed for food preservation card, it's surface is glossy.

    One notable challenge is that the alcohol will layer the film and the card. However, EKO’s BOPP thermal laminate film for food preservation cards effectively solves this problem.

    This heat laminating film uses a special adhesive as a carrier and is thermally laminated to ensure a strong bond with the food preservation card. After the card is impregnated with food alcohol, the alcohol evaporates and forms a concentrated gas phase protective layer around the food, which effectively inhibits the growth of microorganisms and achieves excellent preservation effects.

    EKO is a professional heat laminating film manufacturing vendor which was founded in 2007. From 1999, we started to research pre-coated film and have been innovating for over 20 years. EKO attaches great importance to quality management to ensure that our products comply with international standards and customer requirements. We have implemented a comprehensive quality control system that includes strict testing protocols and compliance with all relevant regulations.


    1. Food contact grade, meet food safety requirements.

    2. Enhance the durability of the card, making it more resistant to wear and tear, thereby extending its lifespan.

    3. It provides a protective layer to protect the food preservation card from moisture, oil and other environmental factors, ensuring that the information and materials printed on the card remain intact and clear during storage.


    What's the difference between BOPP thermal lamination film and BOPP thermal lamination film for food preservation card?

    1. Both are made of BOPP material.
    2. After laminating the food preservation card, it need to be soaked in alcohol-containing preservatives. However, this process may cause the film to peel off the card. To solve this problem, BOPP thermal laminate film for food preservation card uses a specially formulated adhesive that provides better adhesion than standard BOPP thermal laminate film.
    3. The BOPP thermal laminating film used for food preservation cards has successfully passed the SGS food contact test and complies with food safety regulations.

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