What factors will affect the laminating quality?

Pre-coated film, as we all know, is a composite film that pre-applies EVA glue to the base film. While laminating, we just need to use the heat laminator to heat the EVA, then the film will be covered to the printing materials.

So, what factors will affect the quality of the thermal lamination film(关键词链接:https://www.ekolaminate.com/pet-high-transparency-laminating-film-roll-product/) in the production process?

Corona Value

If the corona is insufficient, it may occur low adhesion when laminating. On the contrary, if the corona value is too large, the heat lamination filmis easy to have precipitate. So in the production, it’s important to control the power output of the corona.

Under normal circumstances, our corona value should be ≥38 dyne value.

Thickness uniformity of the EVA layer

If the thickness of the EVA layer is not uniform, there will be bubbles and uneven surfaces during or after the film coating process.

In order to avoid the problem of uneven thickness of the adhesive layer, Eko introduce a thickness gauge imported from Germany to monitor the uniformity of the film online in real time when spraying, in order to ensure product quality.

High quality raw materials

Good raw materials are also an important factor to improve product quality. In terms of materials, Eko has always adhered to the selection of high-quality base film and high-quality imported EVA to ensure the stability of product quality and performance.

Post time: Dec-25-2023