New Generation Super Sticky thermal lamination film

With the rapid development of technology in the global printing industry, digital printing has become a new choice for more customers. EKO company has been focusing on the development of more suitable products in the market to help customers solve problems.

Digital printing replaces the complex process of traditional printing, suitable for more new designs and brings new changes to the industry. The bright color performance of digital printing brings better performance to printed products, but at the same time, the ink layer of digital printing usually contains silicone oil. Silicone oil will make the glue in the film can not normally permeate the ink layer, affecting the film bond to the surface of the paper. So it will produce the problem of foaming and insufficient adhesion after lamination with the film.

Sticky thermal lamination film(1)

The research and development of digital thermal lamination film is to better solve the problem of digital printed not stick well with the common bopp thermal lamination film. The new upgraded generation of super sticky digital lamination film  not only greatly enhances the adhesive force, solves the coating foaming, but also greatly reduces the cost of customer use.

Sticky thermal lamination film2(1)

A thickness of over 35mic was previously considered the most basic guarantee for adhesion by customers, but the new digital ultra sticky hot lamination film  provides customers with a choice of 17mic to 25mic.The adhesion test was performed using KONICA MINOLTA printed paper and laminate with the EKO 17micron digital thermal lamination film

Sticky thermal lamination film3(1)

The use of professional tension test machine, 200mm/min, can reach the value of 8.26N, enough to prove the super sticky pre-coating film  adhesion of EKO.

Based on the stronger adhesion but lower price concept for customers to solve practical problems is the purpose of research and development of EKO FILM. Therefore, the adhesive strength has increased by 50%, but the price has decreased by 40%, which is the advantage and characteristic of EKO Digital Super sticky film.

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Post time: Jun-16-2023