How to choose PET metalized thermal lamination film or digital hot sleeking film?

Many people confuse PET metalized thermal lamination film and digital hot sleeking film( due to their similar appearance. Though they are both made from PET materials, the application and technology of them is difference.

PET metalized thermal lamination film

PET metalized pre-coating film  is a film commonly used to add a metallic look and protective layer to printed materials. It has an aluminum layer on the surface, and has both metalized and plastic characteristics.

It is the heat laminating film, pre-coated with EVA glue and can be bonded to the materials by hot laminating. It has a protective function, has good oxygen resistance and moisture resistance, and is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics and other fields.

There are 2 colors of PET metalized heat laminating film  in EKO - gold and silver.

PET metalized thermal lamination film1
PET metalized thermal lamination film2

Digital hot sleeking film

Digital hot sleeking film, also known as digital hot stamping foil or digital toner foil, is a type of specialty film used in the printing and packaging industry to create metallic, holographic, or glossy finishes on printed materials.

It’s a kind of hot transfer film, it's without EVA pre-coated. The film can be transferred to the materials which are with digital toner by heating. And it can be local coverage or full coverage. It's widely used for decoration or adding special effects, such as invitation cards, post cards, gift packaging.

There are lots of colors of digital hot sleeking film in EKO, including gold foil, silver foil, red foil, green foil, blue foil, pink foil, rainbow, yellow wave, blue wave, green wave, etc.


Post time: Aug-15-2023