Wrapping film – providing an additional level of protection for products

Wrapping film, also known as stretch film or heat shrink film. The early wrapping film with PVC as the base material. However, due to environmental issues, high costs, and poor stretchability, it has gradually been replaced by PE wrapping film.

PE wrapping film has the following advantages:

High elasticity

It can provide excellent stretchability when packaging products, so that it can firmly wrap items of various shapes.

Environmental protection

Compared with traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) packaging film, PE stretch film is more in line with environmental protection requirements and uses less.

Puncture resistance

It has good puncture resistance and can effectively protect packaged items from damage.

Dust-proof and moisture-proof

It can effectively prevent dust and moisture from intruding into packaged items during storage and transportation, keeping them clean and dry.


PE stretch film usually has high transparency, allowing the packaged products to be clearly visible.

PE wrapping film is usually used to package, protect and secure goods, especially in logistics, transportation and warehousing. Its excellent properties make it an indispensable packaging material in many industries.

Post time: Jan-17-2024