Soft touch thermal lamination film new upgrade-super strong adhesion for digital printing

Soft touch thermal lamination film  is renowned for its exquisite and silky surface, evoking the sensation of indulging in a piece of smooth chocolate when touched.

This pre-coated film enhances the product’s high-end feel and quality, elevates comfort, and boosts its appeal, making it highly sought after in the market.

However, a question arises regarding the suitability of velvety thermal lamination film for digital printings with thick ink and silicone oil. To address this concern, EKO has combined the strengths of digital super sticky thermal laminating film and soft touch thermal laminating film, resulting in the introduction of digital soft touch thermal lamination film.

This innovative product ensures both a tactile effect and super strong adhesion, making it ideal for digital printings. Furthermore, the film’s surface can undergo additional treatments (such as hot stamping, UV, etc.) after lamination.

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Post time: Mar-15-2024