Look forward to meeting you at THE 9TH ALL IN PRINT CHINA

The 9th ALL IN PRINT CHINA is about to open! We sincerely invite you to attend the upcoming exhibition which is from 1st-4th Nov. 2023.

 As an industry leader, we conduct in-depth research on various printing and coating technologies and continue to innovate, committed to providing customers with a wider range of higher-quality choices.

At the exhibition, we will show you the most advanced pre-coated film products, including low-temperature thermal lamination film, digital super sticky thermal lamination film, BOPP thermal lamination film for food preservation card, plate-less hot stamping film, etc. Whether you are engaged in packaging printing, advertising printing, or art printing, we can provide tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements for printing texture and effect. In addition to displaying products, our team will also provide professional consultation and technical support on site to give you a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and applications of pre-coated films.

We look forward to in-depth discussions and exchanges with you to jointly promote the development of the printing industry. Welcome to visit our booth to experience the unique charm of pre-coated film and have face-to-face communication with our professional team. Whether you are looking for a new partner or want to learn about the latest developments in the printing industry, we are here to serve you.

Exhibition date: November 1-4, 2023 (4 days)

Exhibition location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre 

Booth number: N2-A306

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Post time: Oct-08-2023