A successful participation at the 30th Printing South China

As the curtains close on the Printing South China 2024, EKO is delighted to reflect on our participation as an exhibitor and the many meaningful experiences we have had over the past few days. The exhibition provided a fantastic platform for us to showcase our products, connect with industry peers, and explore new business opportunities.

During the event, we had the pleasure of interacting with a diverse range of attendees, including potential clients, industry professionals, and curious visitors. Our booth received an overwhelming amount of interest, enabling us to demonstrate our latest product and engage in insightful discussions with numerous visitors who expressed interest in our products.

Many attendees are attracted by our latest product: non-plastic thermal lamination film and digital hot sleeking foil. We also showed them the laminating effect on the spot and they were very satisfied with the products, some attendees even took samples back for testing.

These three days are undoubtedly full and fruitful. We are grateful for the support we have received and eagerly anticipate the possibilities that await us in the dynamic business landscape.

Prospects for the Future, EKO hopes to communicate and discuss with more customers in the next exhibition. Anticipating our next meeting!


Post time: Mar-09-2024